In addition to our treats, we have an assortment of toys that are fun, unique and Eco-friendly…toys that every pet owner will want to try and every pet will not want to stop playing with. These toys help to increase engagement (play time), improving the bonding between pets and their “parents”. This time is key to proper exercise, relieving both stress and anxiety and adding to the health of everyone involved!

For our canine friends, we have a large variety of bones, antlers, and chews. These items can aid in improving oral health, help alleviate boredom and satisfy the natural canine urge to chew.

We also carry a complete line of supplements that can help with a variety of health issues. Whether it’s obesity, joint problems, digestive issues, anxiety, allergies or simply a better coat and teeth, we’ve have something that can help. We have many health supplements (including CBD and Hemp products) in both drops and supplemental treats. Either way…a healthy choice for your pet!



What’s more important than keeping the ones you love healthy? Through smart, informed purchases, you can increase the health and happiness (even the lifespans) of your furry friends! These purchases are an investment in the healthy life of your pets. We feel, as pet owners ourselves, that all pets deserve only the best! The food trends for both people and their pets are toward healthier, all natural ingredients and our goal is to fill this need. In recent times there has been a growing distrust in the ingredients of some pet products, resulting from increasing product recalls.

There are ample reports of pet illness and even death due to some of these products.  We’ve heard too many stories from other pet owners about health problems associated with inferior and even dangerous pet products.

With your healthy purchases, you can lower the amounts you pay your vet in the future due to pet obesity, diabetes, kidney and bone issues. You can even improve their coat and breath!  We strive to offer the best and most wholesome options.

The Urban Tails Pet Team


MICHAEL FERGUSON – Owner, Head of Operations, Store Manager and Shipper Extraordinaire

Michael ran a successful painting business for over 15 years and previous to that, made hand-made wallpapers. Michael has always had a love and passion for animals and has never lived without a pet.

EMILY FERGUSON – Owner, Head of Finance, Inventory Specialist and Research Guru

Emily has over 20 years of administrative, financial and human resources experience working as an executive and personal assistant. Emily too has a love and passion for animals and hasn’t lived without a pet since meeting Michael.

STELLA & BOWIE – Mascots, Store Dogs, Product Testers and Muses

Stella is a rescue dog who picked us out of a steady stream of humans at the shelter. She is a Feist (Appalachian hunting breed) who can’t get enough of our treats!

Bowie is also a rescue dog who cast his magical stare on us. He’s a tiny Cheweenie (Chihuahua and Dachshund) with a big personality!







We are a husband and wife team with a passion for healthy whole foods, baking and having lots of fun with (and love for) our pets! Urban Tails started out creating a line of our own all-natural pet treats, but quickly expanded to include many other pet products. Our products have the best in human grade ingredients, all-natural, chemical-free and made in the U.S.A. We strive to bring fun and peace of mind to all of our customers (both pets and their parents). What makes Urban Tails unique is our response to the desires of our customers and the high value we place on them. We offer:  Well researched pet products that are not only irresistible but healthy… Selling only items that are all natural, eco-friendly and made in the U.S.A. (We have 2 exceptions…sourced from Iceland and the Himalayas)… We strive to fill custom orders for anything our customers are looking for through our extensive and on-going product research. Nothing but the best for your pets…URBAN TAILS wants to be your only source of all natural pet treats, dog and cat supplements, eco toys.